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About SEO Bridge

About SEO Bridge

SEO Bridge was founded in 2012 by Matt Warren after years of real world practice on his own Internet based entertainment business. Matt saw how hard it was to not only gain traction in a saturated market, but also how difficult it was to find reliable, straightforward and effective SEO companies who could deliver hard and fast results.

So, being a ‘do-er’, Matt decided to learn SEO for himself. He undertook courses and studied the Internet for best practices, spoke to SEO gurus with proven track-records… he even worked tirelessly speaking to ‘cold-callers’ to pick their brains and get any tips he could. And, year on year, after applying his SEO skills, the business grew to unprecedented levels. So much so, that in 2018 Matt successfully sold the company.

SEO Bridge grew out of learning digital marketing and SEO in a real-life, real world scenario and found that by applying the same formulas and ideals across different sectors similar levels of success could be attained.


Our Values

SEO Bridge created a blueprint that ensures results, communication and transparency and by employing these three core values as the bedrock of the business, we have been able to apply our SEO techniques across many sectors.

To date, we have successfully worked alongside companies from many industries, ranging from warehousing and logistics businesses, property and rental services, event suppliers, tradespeople (such as electricians, plumbers, etc.), beauty parlours… and many, many more! And, with the majority of our work coming from referrals we know we have happy customers who can see the value in our service.

SEO Bridge want your company to thrive and be as big as it should be and by employing our SEO services you’ll be on the way to achieving this.

SEO Agency Vision
Matt Warren SEO Bridge

The Founder

Matt Warren accidentally fell into the world of SEO in 2007 when after building his first Internet based business he sat wondering why the phone wasn’t ringing. He soon realised that he needed more than a flashy website… and, the journey began.

After a few years of tirelessly learning the ropes and working SEO campaigns on his own and friends businesses, he set-up his own SEO agency in Cheshire. The agency went from strength to strength so quickly that Matt had to turn customers away due to the day-to-day demands of operating two successful businesses. But, in 2018 this all changed when Matt sold his first business and was able to fully focus on SEO Bridge.

When not working on SEO, Matt is a keen songwriter and musician who plays guitar, bass, drums and sings… and can even be found on Spotify. He also loves to travel, collect vinyl and watch good quality TV (ala Breaking Bad).

  1. Favourite food?
    Pizza wins every time.
  2. Favourite band?
    The Beatles… still the greatest.
  3. Favourite destination?  
    Viva… Las Vegas.